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Cape Sounion

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Cape Sounion, is located at the southern tip of Attica and is known for the sanctuary of Poseidon, one of the most important, imposing, beautiful sights and archeological sites in Attica. The temple of Poseidon, the mythical god of the sea, with its incomparable beauty is a pole of attraction for many visitors, especially at sunset. It is located οn a rock 60 meters above sea level, just 69km away from the capital on scenic ocean route passing by various seaside towns of Glyfada, Voula, Lagonisi, Saronida, Anavyssos and Legrena which impresses every visitor.
The Temple is of a Doric style and is located on the steep cliffs of Cape Sounion. The ancient Athenians knew where to build their temples, offering panoramic views from the southeastern tip of the cape to the Saronic Gulf.
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According to Greek Mythology, it is the place where Aegeus, the king of Athens jumped to his death in despair, believing his son Theseus had died in Crete. Theseus volunteered to travel to Crete as one of the seven youths to face Minotaur living in the Labyrinth. His ship left with black sails and if he was successful and was returning alive, the ship’s sails would be changed, In his excitement that defeated the Minotaur in Crete, and getting out from the Labyrinth with the help of Ariadne, Theseus had forgotten to change the sails to white. As his father saw the black sails he jumped of the cliffs and killed himself and since then in tribute to his tragic loss we call the Greek Sea, Aegean Sea.

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The history of the Temple goes back at the time of Homer where for the first time is mentioned in the Odyssey and was the place where Menelaus disembarked on the return trip from Troy to bury the helmsman of his ship. The history of the place is rich and the legend says that along with the temple of Afaia in Aegina and the Temple of Parthenon at Acropolis, create a perfect Triangle.

Cape Sounion 300x200 - Cape Sounion

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